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Enterprise "VALI AL PVC is the first private enterprise in Anamorava and wider which deals with the manufacture of doors, windows, facades, structural and half structural, showcase and other products from Aluminum and Plastic.

Experience in this field has only made it to facilitate the enterprise to simplify its manufacturing process and which in the same time to increase the quality of its products.

Preparing software for production data speeds significantly reduces production of the final defeat. Attachment of angles with temperature, the nuclei seasoned - steel profiles within the PVC and Al - point to the sustainability of these products.

Considering that in the same enterprise also produced vacuum glass, then one can conclude that production as production is completed on the spot without the mediation of any kooperanti.

Besides others, the Company "VALI AL PVC" also flexure all kinds of PVC profiles with special machine, which also perform the services of all concerned.

To us can also supply quality materials to manufacturers German, Greek and Turkish.



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